Rik, I am also curious what OS you are running? They will be able to process much better and probably eliminate most of the vertical lines noise. I’ve found that the vertical lines only show if you take the gain to high or too low This image has been stacked using AutoStakkert which does a better job at stacking than Registax. The mono data was used as a luminance layer to increase the details captured.

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Was just too late and was getting tired. And you are able to use all kinds of accessoires on it. Couldn’t agree more about the software support for QHY cameras. Yes I don’t like QGVideo32 that much at all either. Mars and Jupiter showed the correct colouring but again, it appeared to be rather muted. A 19 pane mosaic of the moon. I did play a bit with that setting, but didn’t notice any notisable difference.

So I thought I made a little write up of my experiences so far.

QHY5v Monochrome Guide / Imaging Camera With ST-4 Cable

And hopefully it will be fixed in the near future. As QiuHY told me to try keep gain as low as possible and use higher exposures instead.


QiuHY ran some tests and could only confirm this issue on one occasion. Just an update on this. qh5v

If you are laying out good money on a camera the least you can expect is a cd containing the appropriate files with an easy to use installation routine compatatible with all common variations of windows. Yes ofcourse, but we are talking about planetary now. Qh5yv from my back garden in Somerset UK.

RkBlog :: Camera: QHY5v / alccd5v

Or sign in with one of these services Sign in with Facebook. Global shutters, normally found on CCD sensors, make the entire sensor light sensitive at once.

Sign up for a new account in our community. I have the QHY9M back now and here is 5. But with qqhy5v you just can’t take the processing too far, before you just overprocess it and kill the image anyway. This camera is suffering from vertical lines noise really badly.


For planetary-like cameras you take a lot of frames on short exposures. The camera has a top frame rate of 55fps. Till he qhyv5 time to fix it in the software. Here’s a photo of the new scope well new to me. View all All Photos Tagged qhy5v. It’s even more interesting.


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QHY5v colour planetary camera using mm Meade Apochromatic refracting telescope as a telephoto lens. This has been over 2 years Which is great news.

M45 – The Pleiades by John Skouros. The mono data was used as a luminance layer to increase the details captured. So everyone is working on their problems. I tried this Saturday Sunday morning to do my very first capture on Jupiter, but the seeing conditions were just too horrible.

After spending some time going through my archives I found an earlier unpublished image shot way back in May 9th 5. By using this site, you agree to our Terms of Use.