As a second or third device, the Asus VivoTab Smart MEC offers solid performance and all day battery life, with multiple colors to choose from, making it a reasonable choice for tablet-buyers on a budget. That price puts it on par with other tablets, but don’t expect this tablet to replace your laptop. What you get instead is a standalone Bluetooth keyboard — a thin little thing that you can easily shove into a carry-on. This is one of the latter. The 50 Best iPad Games. It might not be our favorite in every respect, but it’s a compelling product in its own right, and it’s even greater when you consider the price.

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Asus VivoTab Smart ME400C

The Transboard, however, is a Bluetooth keyboard, complete with a rechargeable battery. Built into the tablet are a few sensors that have become common on Windows tablets, but that aren’t seen on laptops, such as a G-Sensor accelerometerGyroscope, E-compass, and ssmart, providing all of the automatic screen rotation and positional awareness needed for many tablet functions and apps.

The lightweight tablet has a polycarbonate plastic chassis, available in black, white, or red.

It’s also an IPS xmart — one rated for nits of brightness, at that. And did we mention it’s light? The tablet has front-facing 2-megapixel camera for Skype and similar video chat applications, along with a rear-facing 8-megapixel camera for snapping photos or shooting video. And while the cover itself is easy enough to set up, it can be challenging to make the tablet stay put.


What you get instead is a standalone Bluetooth keyboard — a thin little thing that you can easily shove into a carry-on. Acer Iconia Tab W Vivotzb bottom line on these accessories? We’ve been rather busy cranking out reviews lately, and we’ve got all the usual PC makers to thank.

Accessories, like cover and keyboard, not yet available. The VivoTab Smart doesn’t have that, so it was especially important that the tablet itself offer best-in-class runtime.

Yes, that thin TranSleeve cover snaps on in a manner similar to a Type Coverbut there are no keys attached there. Windows 8 People Connect all your social media accounts, with bluetoofh main contact list view featuring larger tiles for your favorite contacts. ASUS Cloud enables access to all your documents, photos, music and more from any device.

Both seem very difficult to access – the cover for the HDMI port was particularly difficult to get off, while a colleague managed to spring the cover for the SD slot under a neighbouring desk.

There’s not much to it, really: Like every other Atom-based tablet, the VivoTab Smart’s For network connectivity, the VivoTab Smart has Even after living with the VivoTab for more than a week, it still routinely takes us two vvivotab three tries to make the tablet sit in its dock without toppling the whole thing over.

The trackpad is also superior to what you’ll find on most other tablet keyboards.

ASUS Original Bluetooth Keyboard TranSleeve VivoTab Smart Me 400 C

And it generally does. That’s not a quirk we’ve noticed on every Windows 8 tablet we’ve tested. HP Envy X2 gnr. This is one of the latter. Enjoy X-box videos, music and games on your Vivo Tab.


ASUS VivoTab Smart | Tablets | ASUS Global

So is it as nice in person as it is on paper? This lightweight construction made using the keyboard a nerve wracking experience, since it felt so fragile that I might damage it with anything but slow, gentle keystrokes.

If pen support is important to you, we suggest you bite the bullet and pay the premium for a model that has a dual digitizer don’t bother with the HP Envy x2 — that has pen support, but the battery life and typing aren’t as good as on Lenovo’s tablet.

Include photo and video captures, or even audio notes. We had no problem opening apps, or switching between them when we had a bunch open at once. But that’s only part of the story: Basically, then, the camera might feel a bit slow, but if these samples are any indication, it’s not actually that hard to end up with a pristine shot.

Oftentimes, we moved too quickly after snapping a pic, and were sure the shot had been ruined; it never was. It’s not that it’s dull, it’s just that the reflections can vivotzb a little distracting and we’d have liked a little more beef in this department.