Page How to beam a picture or video clip You can beam a picture or video file to another mobile device using Bluetooth. About The Controls 7. How to create a Speed Dial entry 1. Be sure to record the phone number first in Contacts before you create a Speed Dial entry. Beam information with Bluetooth With Bluetooth, you can beam information, such as contacts, calendar items and tasks, from the device to PC or to another Bluetooth-enabled device. Enter your e-mail address and password, and then tap Next. You can sort by name, date, and size.

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Adjusting Input Options How to adjust input options 1. Tap Add and tap the name to invite each additional attendee. Right-click the folder, then click Paste.

Personal Tab The new Task Manager program makes it possible for a user asl-505a stop programs that are running on the device. This product provides the voice call, SMS and the Internet service. In the Event field, scroll to and tap one of the following: You may not be able to play files that have been copied to the device.

Your device has an expansion slot for inserting a microSD card.

Page of Go. You can create handwritten and typed notes, record voice notes, convert handwritten notes to text for easy readability, and send notes to others. Select the Prompt if device unused for check box. Make the changes that you want and tap Done.


You can switch between the two parties. You can specify the time the device can remains idle before a password is anydsta. How to delete a Bluetooth partnership 1. Tap Start, and then tap Contacts.

AnyDATA ASP-505A – Frequency Bands and Network Compatibility

How to set options for displaying appointments on the Today screen If you have a large number of appointments, you may want to specify the kind of appointments that are displayed on the Today screen.

Stylus On the touch screen, you can tap the desired point or item or write using stylus. To use the Internet connection of your device, activate Internet Sharing on your device for the computer to use.

Time part Time part includes current date and time, missed call, new message, phone profile and AnyToday Settings. Page program on your device.

Excel Mobile Allows you to create, view, or edit Excel documents. How to close a note and return to the Notes Browser While reading or editing a note, select Done. How to use the Wireless Manager 1.


Synchronize Outlook information with the PC If a synchronization relationship has been set up between the device and the PC, synchronization keeps Outlook information up-to-date on both the device and PC. To search for a business or organization, do anyadta of the following: How to configure Phone miscellaneous features 1.


How to customize the Today screen 1. Displays the video in full screen. Page 63 Entering Text using on-screen Keyboard In case that you enter the text, the on-screen Keyboard appears. Change options as you want, and then tap OK. The contents of the My Pictures folder will be shown by default.

ANYDATA ASP specification –

Otherwise, select Work if the wireless LAN connects your device asp-55a a private network. You can also create bulleted and numbered lists and insert hyperlinks to Web sites. Devices with Bluetooth capabilities can even beam information to a device in a different room if it is within the Bluetooth signal coverage range.

About Licenses And Protected Files About licenses and protected files Some content such as digital media files downloaded from anydaat Internet, CD tracks, and videos are protected against illegal distribution or sharing.